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We have worked with Ferno UK on several projects since we became their sole video supplier over a year ago. The first project we undertook with them was to produce their corporate video and a teaser promo video for their customer experience centre at their UK head quarters in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

Utilising new techniques and equipment including the Movi Freefly under the guidance of Sean our creative director and Dawn as producer, our 7-person crew successfully delivered two fantastic projects. This was just the start of a flourishing relationship and we are currently in talks to produce their product demonstration videos.

Ferno have a long established relationship with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, not only do they provide equipment that is used by this fantastic organisation on a daily basis but they also contribute in many ways when it comes to fundraising.

When the opportunity arose to film a video in partnership with the YAA the marketing team at Ferno jumped at the chance, as did we!

The Brief

To make a cinematic promotional video that takes the viewer on a journey with the YAA crew, from the initial call coming through regarding an incident through to the pick up and final delivery of the patient at hospital. As well as the journey we also had to come up with an idea that incorporated the use of one of the Ferno products (the Ferno Scoop Stretcher).

With limited time available with the YAA crew we also had to make sure the video concept could be filmed within a relatively short time scale as their time is extremely precious and we knew that if a real call came in we had to be able to leave them to respond to the emergency within seconds. Keeping the costs down of the air ambulance was also an issue so we were tasked to come up with an idea that could be achieved within a certain proximity to their base at Nostell.

What we did

The style we wanted to achieve was cinematic with a gritty, dynamic feel. The shots are to imply a story with no written script. The action will be fast paced with zoom in – zoom out with speed variations, plus key action points will be captured to highlight procedures. The music and sound effects used will add to the dramatic feel and the way the video is graded will assist in the gritty look to the video.

Starting at a rugby club we establish the scene with an atmospheric wide shot of the landscape. We begin to hear the sound of a rugby game in progress. We cut to the field of play where a junior’s game is in progress. The players form a maul that collapses. The referee blows his whistle and tells the boys to clear the area. We close in and hold on the motionless injured player.

We cut to a noisy communications room at the air ambulance base. (The tone of the music changes.) A team of paramedics scrambles, we close in on the paramedic’s feet as they stride across the helipad towards the helicopter. The team land at the rugby club, they along with assistance from the pilot get the injured player onto the ‘scoop’. As the boy is lifted into the helicopter we see a birds eye view of him and float along until he is placed inside.

We see the helicopter take off and then cut to a dramatic shot of the city skyline. From another closer angle on top of the Leeds General Infirmary helipad the helicopter lands and is met by the heli deck crew consisting of 2 fire officers and an accident and emergency nurse.

The patient is extricated from the air ambulance using the latest Ferno iNX trolley. The trolley is then led down the ramp and into the hospital where a team takes over. The air ambulance then flies back to base.

How we did it

Working with a crew of 6 filming with our director or photography, shot on the Arri Alexa camera with a (massive!) 24-300 zoom lens, our second operator shot b camera on the Canon 5D MK111, we also had a camera assistant as well as focus puller, producer and of course director!

We filmed the video over a 2 and half days. Starting with the rugby match (filmed at Baildon Rugby Club) we got the players to stage different plays ending with the young boy being injured during one of the driving plays. This was the opening scene in the video, shot on a cold Febuary day it took just under 3 hours to film everything we needed for this part of the video.

We then filmed at Nostell (YAA base) for one day, we cheated some of the shots slightly to keep the cost of the air ambulance down, instead of having the YAA flying to the (setup) incident we made it look as if they had landed at the pitch and taken off (the magic of editing!). As well as these shots at Nostell we also filmed shots of the player being put onto the scoop by the paramedics and then into the helicopter.

For the birds eye view shots of the player our camera team set up rig so we could suspend a camera above the payers head so we feel as though we are floating along with him when being put into the helicopter.

The last day was all filmed on the helipad of Leeds General Infirmary…this was quite an experience! As well as having the A camera team filming the landing (at a safe distance) we also had arranged to be able to get on top of one of Leeds Universities building adjacent to the LGI. This way we could get cityscape shots and a wide shot of the helicopter landing. From there the patient was handed over to the heli deck crew.

From start to finish this video took 3 weeks to complete including time for client viewings and revisions.

The Finished Product

Feedback from the Client


“Creative vision all wrapped up in brilliant organizational skills, twenty twenty have more than delivered great content and great solutions for FERNO. They are also very nice and we believe its nice to be nice – so all that said we are more than happy to endorse these guys.”

Tony Greenwood, Creative and Marketing Head

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