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Promotional videos are the perfect way to communicate what your company / brand offers customers. You can literally shout about who you are and engage customers in this outward facing creative promotional video! Stand out from your competitors in a potentially very crowded marketplace.

With viewers up to 85% more likely to buy once they have watched a product or service video it’s a no brainer!!

The Brief

Master Mike McKenzie got in touch to discuss how we could get across their mantra of inspire, entertain, educate in a promotional web video. To be filmed at one of the classes at their main venue at Penistone Grammar School’s brand new international standard sports facility near Barnsley/Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We needed to show in a few minutes video that classes are suitable for men, women and children of all abilities. Quest offers training suitable for students new to the sport, those returning to the sport, from novice members through to accomplished athletes who compete at a national and international level and this all needed to be captured in a short video.

Quest were just in the process of updating their website and also used social media to keep in touch with current members as well as attracting new ones to the club. The video needed to be used on their website as well as social media.


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What we did

We produced a video just over 1 and half minutes, the video starts as a class would normal with the members warming up, the video then goes through different scenarios, showing the varying ages and abilities of the participants. We shot the different ages and abilities making sure we covered the varying participants.


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How we did it

Mike and his colleagues had checked with all the participants that they were happy to be filmed. Filming over half a day and keeping in mind that Mike wanted their mantra to come across in the video we selected a day to film where there would be different classes so we could show the varying age ranges and abilities etc.

We shot on our Canon 5D MK111 we utlised a mixture of handheld and static shots, The more action based angles were handheld, this allowed our cameraman to get in on the action!

The Finished Product

Feedback from the Client


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