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Promotional videos are the perfect way to communicate what your company / brand offers customers. You can literally shout about who you are and engage customers in this outward facing creative promotional video! Stand out from your competitors in a potentially very crowded marketplace.

With viewers up to 85% more likely to buy once they have watched a product or service video it’s a no brainer!!

The Brief

Nicolas Perrin called the office following a quick Google search for local video production companies. He needed a promotional web video around 3 minutes long to give the viewer an insight into the design/ quality/ technology as well as the man behind Perrinn! The video was to be used as a tool to assist with raising funds for the project.

Nicholas referenced the videos Apple produce saying he wanted something similar, he liked how clean the videos looked. It had to be short but still deliver all the required information, we wanted to give the viewer confidence in what Nicholas was trying to convey and ultimately wanted to be inspiring.


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What we did

Our initial meeting with Nicholas at his office in North Yorkshire went extremely well, we were able to gain a greater understanding about the process and the product. He seemed confident we could produce the sort of video he was after we could deliver it within his short timescale. Nicholas was quite adamant on the overall look of the video. We thought the best way to get the style across that he wanted was to get the car and Nicholas into the studio. Keep it simple yet professional!

We started the video by establishing the Perrinn logo, and then showing the car! Moving along the contours of the car highlighting the design and craftsmanship. We thought it was important to establish Nicholas with the car before we went into the talking head. Once Nicholas begins to deliver his script we still see the car in the background. Having the car and Nicholas set against the white backdrop works extremely well and does have a similar feel to the Apple videos.

We see some designs for other products when Nicholas refers to them; we also use his talking head as a voice over whilst seeing different shots of the car.


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How we did it

We filmed with Nicholas and his team for one day at Big Shed studios in Manchester. With a crew of three including Director/ camera person, 2nd camera operator and producer/ sound recordist we set up studio lighting and then got the car into position. Filming on an infinity cove in the studio was ideal as it added to the overall look of the video.

We shot with two Canon 5D MK111 cameras as well as a standard interview sound kit. We set up the cameras so we could get a front on as well as side angle. By filming in this way it allowed us to cut between the two angles, this helped if Nicholas had stopped to look over his script or if there was a particularly long section we could go back and forth which helped with pacing.

Once we had filmed Nicholas’s piece to camera we then concentrated on the car. The two operators moved around the car picking out design features as well as capturing the wide shots of the car.

The picture and sound edit were completed within 2 days, we then selected music that worked well with the footage, the track is quite tranquil and elegant.

The Finished Product

Feedback from the Client


It has been a great pleasure working with twenty twenty films. I am looking forward to collaborating again with their friendly and professional team!

Nicolas Perrinn, Founder and Director

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