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We have been working with Incommunities for a 5 years, producing promotional videos, corporate videos, live event recording as well as animations for them over the course that time. We work closely with their marketing team as well as dealing directly with department heads.

The Brief

We were approached by one of Incommunities GEM Program graduates, she wanted us to  produce a 5-6 minute video promoting the GEM Programme, touching upon its development from its inception through to its progression to being a national programme. The video would be shown to housing professional with the video being played at conferences where there would be a speech given and then the video would follow.

The promotional videos needed to been informative and engaging and shot in the style of a documentary.

What we did

We worked closely with one of the GEM Program graduates, exploring ways to deliver the information in an engaging way. Once we had decided on a structure and style for the video we began by filming at a GEM residential (in Bradford, West Yorkshire) where we interviewed willing volunteers as they told us about their experiences on the program as well as their hopes for the future. These talking heads formed the basis of the video.

We started the video with a 2d animated logo and, a voice over then came in as we saw a video montage of shots from the residential. An animated map then came on screen as the locations of the GEM Program partners popped up. The video then comprised of a mixture of talking heads, with the participants answering questions as well as seeing them in action during the residential. We ended the video with talking heads from Incommunities Chief Executive, the GEM Program director and some final comments from the program manager, which also incorporated quotes from some of the program’s partners which added even more weight to the promotional video.


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How we did it

Filming on our HD Canon 5D MK111 camera we shot the footage over the course of one day. With a crew of 2 (director/ cameraman & producer/ sound recordist) we were able to shoot a documentary style video making sure we recorded high quality sound as well as high definition footage. One element we were cautious of was we were filming an actual course and didn’t want to disrupt the day. We filmed interviews whilst the participants were on their break and were able to get enough general footage of the day to be used as inserts whilst peoples interviews were used a voice over. Being able to use the voice over whilst seeing footage helped to keep the momentum of the video and also cut down on the overall length.

As well as the animated logo and the map we utilised lower thirds graphics to show peoples names/ roles, this is another way to introduce someone rather than hearing them tell us the information it is on screen and cuts down on the time. Once the video was edited we then did a picture grade and finally sourced music and added this to complete the project.

One of the Finished Products

Feedback from the Client


twenty twenty films have been our video production supplier for almost 3 years. Only a phone call away they are always willing to accommodate any request. Their professionalism and creative involvement results in us always being delighted with the final product and would like to take this opportunity to formally recommend them.

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