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The Brief

The marketing department at Bagnalls approached us as they wanted to have a talking head/ testimonial video produced with one of Bagnalls long-term clients, Leeds University. The testimonial video needed to get across the type of long-term relationship Bagnalls establishes with their clients and wanted to emphasise the efforts they go to for their clients, their reliability as well as the quality in their work and the attention to detail.

In addition they also wanted to have a video to promote their apprenticeship program. The apprentice video needed to be quite short (around 1min 30 secs), informative and engaging. This video was to be used on the Bagnalls website but the main format would be social media sites. They also wanted to be able to show the video at school/ college open days so needed to be attention grabbing in it’s content and really try to convince students why an apprenticeship might be a good choice for them compared to staying on at school.


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What we did

Both of the videos start with their animated logo, then for the testimonial video we establish the university and hear a voice over, we then see our ‘talking head’ and text graphics appear as lower thirds with his name and job title. As our talking head continues we see shots interspersed of Bagnalls employees doing work at the university.

The apprenticeship video followed a similar format; again starting with an animated logo we quickly establish the content of the video. We see our two apprentices saying why they joined Bagnalls as an apprentice and why they enjoy working for them and what the benefits are. These talking heads are interspersed with footage of them working, being advised by their superiors etc. The sound from their talking head continues to play and acts as a voice over. We then close the video with the Bagnalls logo and the information a viewer would need to get in touch with Bagnalls to find out more!


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How we did it

As Bagnalls were new to using video within their marketing efforts we led and advised them every step of the way. After presenting our proposal they decided to take the plunge and have their first professionally produced web videos done!

Filming over one day at the university, we shot with a two-person crew on the Canon 5D MK111 and interview sound kit. We used a combination of tripod/ static shots as well as handheld shots enabling us to move around whilst the apprentices were undertaking work for the sake of the shot. As we knew we would use some of the talking head content as voice over we were aware of how much cut away footage we may need to get. As the apprentices talked about the people they worked with it was important for us to cover that in the footage. Getting the Bagnalls site foreman in the footage was more crucial for the testimonial video with the representative from the university as he discusses their commitment to the job.

Both videos were edited within 3 days; we also produced a 2D animated logo to be used on both videos and any future projects we produce for Bagnalls keeping the videos/brand consistent.

The Finished Product

Feedback from the Client

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