Video Editing

It’s where it all comes together!

It’s time to wow the audience! All your footage has been captured and it’s time to move into post-production. The finished product will already have been designed in preproduction so we already know what extra elements we need for the editing stage. This can include graphics, music, and voice over etc.

What’s the process?

When the editing commences the first thing to do is for the editor to familiarise themselves with all that lovely footage! They will take time to go through any production notes and start selecting the best shots. Doing this is beneficial and they will know they may have snippets of shots that can be used as insert shots etc. Once a rough cut has been put together they will then start to adjust any sound levels (most commonly on interviews/ talking heads etc).

Once we have put together an edit that meets the brief, we will then compress it and send over to you via a private link or bring it to you to go through in person. This edit is called a rough cut. We generally would consider this cut to be extremely close to the finished article as we will have worked to all the information gathered in preproduction and where appropriate the script/storyboard, which would have been signed off at the start of the project.

Any additional elements….

If graphics are being added into live action footage we will make a start on creating them when the picture edit commences. Graphics can vary in terms of what is produced, from simple 2D animated logos through to more complex animation or floating graphics that are made to look as though they are part of the ‘real world’ of the video.

The rough cut gives the client the opportunity to watch the video and make any amendments they feel necessary. Once this feedback has been received and executed you will then see the 2nd cut. Once the edit has been locked down we then move onto the sound edit and picture grade. The sound edit can include voice over and music as well as general levels of any interviews etc.

The picture grade is a crucial element to the look of your video (see our blog ‘What is grading?’)

Once every element has been brought together the final stage is the compression and delivery. We ensure you have the different types of files (for web use, Facebook, twitter even Power-point etc) to suit your needs, and then it’s all yours!

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Video Editing Testimonials

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    Tony GreenwoodCreative and Marketing Head, FERNO UK
  • clive-brook-work-logotwenty twenty were professional, efficient and go about their business very discretely. The art is in their editing, they took very limited information and put together a production that totally exceeded our original objectives.

  • incommunities-logotwenty twenty films have been our video production supplier for almost 3 years. Only a phone call away they are always willing to accommodate any request. Their professionalism and creative involvement results in us always being delighted with the final product and would like to take this opportunity to formally recommend them. FIND OUT MORE

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  • perrinn-work-logoIt has been a great pleasure working with twenty twenty films. I am looking forward to collaborating again with their friendly and professional team! FIND OUT MORE

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