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There are two main types of online video ads, in-stream ads and in-banner ads. Many people will be aware of banners at the top of websites. These banners can simply be scrolling images and text or could be videos. There are many websites that offer video banners, this type of video advertising is common on sites such as YouTube. In addition, sites such as online newspapers tend to have banners at the top and down the side of the pages which have videos embedded into them.

In-Stream video advertising consists of ads that are added into the video player itself. These can be pre-roll, mid-roll and/or post-roll, as the names suggest they are played before, during or after the full video content is played. Mid-rolls are the most successful in terms of being watched in completion, as the viewer is already engaged and more likely to sit through the ad so they can continue with the rest of their intended video. Some sites/platforms offer the viewers the opportunity to decide when they see the ad or even skip them.

As with most videos it is imperative you consider the audience you are trying to target, half of the battle is having a great understanding of the type of websites your audience are likely to view videos on.

Online ads, whether in-stream or in-banner ads are great for several types of videos, including brand videos. They need to grab a viewers attention and have them click on the ad and go through to their desired website and then convert them into a customer. As with all videos our team will talk through your needs, come up with the creative content and then produce an outstanding video, which will excite your audience. Knowing where to place the ads for the best result is the complex part and we can work with your marketers to identify your best possible route.

As well as YouTube, online video adverts are also popular on platforms such as Vimeo, LinkedIn and Facebook. Many organisations, which would have chosen the route of advertising on television, are aware of the potential and popularity of online advertising. One of the main advantages of these platforms is the flexibility it offers marketer’s, being able to still be creative and having the opportunity to launch multiple videos as part of a campaign doesn’t require as much investment as TV ads.

Data is more readily available for online ads; where, when, who and how. In its simplest form most of the video platforms available have views counters and for some potential viewers if they see a video has a large number of plays they will be encourage to press play!

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  • simon-streets-work-logotwenty twenty films produced a short film for us in 2014. Their understanding of the brief was expectational and the time and effort that they put into the project was outstanding. Their easy going attitudes made them a pleasure to work with and we were delighted with the end result. We would have no hesitation in highly recommending them for anyone to work with.   FIND OUT MORE

    Helen BeachellGeneral Manager, SIMON ON THE STREETS
  • skirlington-work-logotwenty twenty not only produced a video that was exactly what we asked for, but did it in a professional yet friendly and flexible manner. They gave us ideas where we had none, and advice where we needed it. They also delivered on time. We highly recommend twenty twenty


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