Video Advertising

What’s the purpose?

Whether you’re utilising promotional, animation or social videos they are all powerful ways to engage with you audience. The term ‘advertising‘ suggests the length of the videos should be kept short (similar to TV adverts) and the content direct so whatever service or product your organisation is selling the message is delivered in a concise way. With more and more people viewing general video content across different devices including smart phones and tablets the possibilities with video advertising are vast.

By 2017 video will account for 69% off all consumer internet traffic

Video advertising continues to grow in popularity. With increased broadband speeds and more and more platforms, video advertising is a great tool for an organisation to be able to target specific consumer groups. Because video adverts can be fairly inexpensive to make they are ideal for attracting new consumers and the videos stay online for as long as you want . Multi-screen video advertising is being recognised by brands as a must for their marketing campaigns. The chance of creating a browser into consumers will increase significantly the more devices the ad is seen on.

Video adverts can be interactive, when a video starts to play different interactions can be presented including signing up for newsletters, clicking through to a website etc. Anything to get more engagement with your audience and getting them to feel as though they are making the next move is beneficial for both parties.

Get it right first time!

It goes without saying that by creating content that is visually engaging and contains strong messages will ensure that the viewer will watch the video in its entirety. The video will need to make it’s impact on the viewer within the first few seconds otherwise they will switch off and the opportunity to convert will be lost. You must assume that your target market won’t give you a second chance so getting it right first time is imperative.

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  • ferno-work-logo Creative vision all wrapped up in brilliant organizational skills, twenty twenty have more than delivered great content and great solutions for FERNO. They are also very nice and we believe its nice to be nice – so all that said we are more than happy to endorse these guys.   FIND OUT MORE

    Tony GreenwoodCreative and Marketing Head, FERNO UK
  • sse-work-logotwenty twenty films were fantastic! It was as if they could read our minds! They had taken on board everything we had asked for, and nothing was too much trouble. We would not hesitate to recommend them.


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