Training Videos

What’s the purpose?

Training exercises are essential for any business, however they can be a costly and time-consuming task. Whether delivering to an individual or large groups training videos assist companies in making sure that each employee is given the same information and that it is consistent throughout.

A training video essentially enhances your viewers understanding by going into detail about i.e. a particular practice or gives a general introduction to your organisation etc. The videos are perfect for educating new staff or refreshing your current team and can be updated when necessary if certain regulations or practices change. These updates can simply be added into an existing video and delivered back to you ready for when you need the new information communicating.

Which companies should use training videos?

No matter what size your organisation is we can deliver a video that meets your needs. From small businesses that want a video to accompany one of their products and used as an online resource, to larger organisation that need to ensure mass training is given i.e. site inductions.

Why training videos?

Training and Health and Safety videos drive home key information; this type of video is a proven and effective tool that assists in providing knowledge to your employees. The same information that is delivered through written or verbal communication is often not as effective as employees seem to respond more favourably to this form of delivery.

We work with you to get the information across…

As with all videos the tone is paramount, we work with you to find the right approach and will make suggestions as to how we think the information will come across in the best possible way. No matter what the subject matter your video needs to be engaging and even inspiring.

Are additional graphics necessary?

Using a presenter as well as voice over is great for delivering general information, however, maintaining your employee’s focus is key and being able to make use of elements such as infographics is a fantastic way to deliver stats and figures that may be lost if just delivered through voice over. Having animated objects/ diagrams of processes on screen also brings to life a particular aspect and will ensure that the same information is given to every viewer and will assists in them retaining that information.

How long should it be?

Training videos can vary in length depending on what they are to be used for, for example a site induction video will incorporate more lengthy details compared to an online product training resource.

No matter what the output we will work with you to find the right length and tone resulting in an excellent training video that is fit for purpose.

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