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What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short (ideally around 90 seconds), fun (where possible!) marketing videos. They are ideal for brands and online organisations to show customers what their company offer and can go into details that will assist in explaining a product or service. Keeping them concise and getting across key messages quickly they are superb for targeting a specific audience.

Are there different types of explainer videos?

Explainer video can take many different forms and could include, live action, talking heads, Infographics etc… We will guide you through the process of an explainer video and will come up with creative content that will keep your audience engaged.

So much more engaging than just text on screen!

If explainer videos are kept light and entertaining whilst still being informative they will hold your viewers attention and are much more effective than just text on screen! They are perfect for making complex things more simple and great for educating your audience.

Live Action

Live action videos are usually best for companies selling a physical product. Having ‘real’ people in your video can create an emotional connection for viewers as we are naturally drawn to other human faces!!


Another type would be an animated explainer video; these seem to be the most popular type of explainer video, they are ideal for describing an intangible product such as software. There is the argument that an animated explainer video allows for more creativity and one aspect to remember is they are easier to update in the future.

Crowd Funding

As the popularity of crowd funding platforms continues to grow, an integral part of ‘the pitch’ is done in the form of video. By using video the potential investors get to hear the idea, meet the person behind it, get a feel for the product or service. Ultimately these videos play a huge role in securing investment.

Whiteboard animations

Love ‘em or hate ‘em whiteboard explainer videos are extremely popular due to their ease of use and cost (when using templates). Used by small businesses that are having their first go at utilising video, through to big businesses that use them as an alternative to live action or animation, they deliver the necessary information and can be creative when done right!!

Explainer videos can be powerful!!

When you have your fantastic video all set to go one thing to consider is do you have a video that your audience will want to share…will it go ‘viral’? You are already at an advantage over giving the same information in a verbal presentation; your audience will retain more information when delivered in a video, so make the most of it!

By having your video on your website or social media platforms means that your viewer can pick the time that’s right for them to watch it! They can go back to it when necessary and being able to make use of the video in this was will give them flexibility.

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