Corporate Video Production

What’s the purpose?

Utilised for both internal and external use corporate videos are a great way to inform the viewer about your organisation, portray it in a positive way and give a greater insight into your world.

Is there an ideal length?

These types of videos have moved on a long way and continue to do so, the length of a corporate video (as with most videos) can vary. As with all videos we would suggest getting the information across in the most succinct way possible. With high production value on corporate videos as well as utilising engaging animation and motion graphics we can produce exceptional videos that will set your company apart from your competitors and will help tell the story of your company.

Once complete where should you feature your video?

Corporate videos are ideally situated on your companies’ home page, getting across to the viewer all the necessary information in a engaging way.

What’s the process?

Corporate video production begins with considering what information your business wants to share. We work with you to develop a script (if required) for the video and then produce storyboards so you are fully aware of how you video will look. After exploring the journey you want to tell and coming up with creative ways of delivering it we also take a look at how we can add value in other ways. One way to do this is by incorporating testimonials, as much as you may love your company and want to tell anyone and everyone who will listen how great it is, ultimately it is much more meaningful if one of your clients does it for you!! Employing the use of external resources also gives the project a little perspective! As with promotional videos getting your staff involved in the process is a great way to give the viewer a sense of whom they may be dealing with.

What type of business should have a corporate video?

Any size of business can have a corporate video produced; it’s not necessary to have a Hollywood sized budget; we work with you at a level you are comfortable making sure we deliver the type of video you want!

By using specialised techniques and equipment we produce videos that deliver in content and have a high production value to them. Fundamentals such as expertly recorded sound and 4K or HD footage add weight to your overall look and feel but are a simple elements, then by adding in some graphics to a well cut dynamic video enhances your finished project.

What’s next?…

As well as a corporate video sitting on your homepage making use of social media platforms are fantastic ways for your video to reach your target audience. We offer free social media clips with all videos, these are short clips that are ideal for use on your social media channels and a great way to hook your audience.

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  • ferno-work-logo Creative vision all wrapped up in brilliant organizational skills, twenty twenty have more than delivered great content and great solutions for FERNO. They are also very nice and we believe its nice to be nice – so all that said we are more than happy to endorse these guys.   FIND OUT MORE

    Tony GreenwoodCreative and Marketing Head, FERNO UK
  • incommunities-logotwenty twenty films have been our video production supplier for almost 3 years. Only a phone call away they are always willing to accommodate any request. Their professionalism and creative involvement results in us always being delighted with the final product and would like to take this opportunity to formally recommend them. FIND OUT MORE

    Marketing DepartmentINCOMMUNITIES

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