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Stop motion is a technique that makes an object appear as if it is moving on its own, an example of one of the most instantly recognisable stop motion animation videos is Wallace and Gromit and my personal favorite Wes Andersons’ Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The object (most commonly clay figures or puppet-based animation) is captured one frame at a time, moved in increments and then the sequence is played back rapidly which gives the illusion of a fluid movement. By using figures you can easily reposition them ready for the next shot. However, it’s not just figures that can be animated, using people and everyday objects can also be used, it really depends on the idea and the effect you want to create.

The technique of stop motion animation is quite common in adverts, films and music videos. Digital SLR cameras are generally used to capture the stills rather than film/ video cameras as the quality an SLR can give will be far greater as you get a higher resolution out of the stills. Although there is a lot of time put into the creation of characters, scenes etc, actually capturing them is relatively easy because the images are shot on a stills camera.

Stop motion can be used for many different purposes, the obvious one being an explainer video, using stop motion to deliver information in a quirky yet memorable way. Another could be a narrative driven online ad, something that really captures the audiences’ imagination.

Once we have identified your target audience we will then start to from a narrative, script and storyboards. Being able to create a video that flows is key, as we will capture stills (single frames) every single one needs to be thought out and considered, this will help later on in the process. As in most video considering the lighting choice and making sure it is consistent throughout is important as any changes could ruin the flow and overall feel of the video.

Once all the shots have been captured we then move into the postproduction stage. The editing should be relatively straight forward as the images will already be in sequence and won’t require much editing. The next part is the sound, whether this be music or voice over or both. And then finally where is the video going…most likely online but we can also give files for specific phones and social media platforms, ensuring your videos upload and get played!!

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  • ferno-work-logo Creative vision all wrapped up in brilliant organizational skills, twenty twenty have more than delivered great content and great solutions for FERNO. They are also very nice and we believe its nice to be nice – so all that said we are more than happy to endorse these guys.   FIND OUT MORE

    Tony GreenwoodCreative and Marketing Head, FERNO UK
  • harrogate-water-work-logoIt has been a pleasure working with the team at twenty twenty films. They took our initial conversation, came up with concepts and delivered two great videos. They guided us through the process from start to completion, they understood everything we wanted to communicate and were extremely sensitive to our brand.  We were delighted with the finished videos and look forward to continuing this successful relationship! FIND OUT MORE

    Rob PickeringSales & Marketing Director, HARROGATE SPRING WATER
  • incommunities-logotwenty twenty films have been our video production supplier for almost 3 years. Only a phone call away they are always willing to accommodate any request. Their professionalism and creative involvement results in us always being delighted with the final product and would like to take this opportunity to formally recommend them. FIND OUT MORE

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