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Filming with Harrogate Spring Water at Ascot

 harrogate spring water- rehydrating racing

Our latest video project for Harrogate Spring Water ‘Rehydrating Racing’ saw us in unfamiliar territory!

Our brief and aim with the project was to deliver a video that captured the essence of Ascot. We wanted it to look beautiful, compliment the Harrogate Spring Water brand and communicate the message of healthy hydration.

Once our concept had been agreed upon and we had the participation of apprentice jockey Josephine Gordon, we set about creating a visually engaging piece. The idea centred around the build up to a race from a jockeys point of view. Through the 60 second video we would have a glimpse at the jockey’s preparation whilst the crowds were gathering at Ascot and the anticipation for the race builds.

We began our pre-production with a location recce at Ascot, being shown around this magnificent setting was the perfect start. Seeing all the heritage, history and everything that goes into making Ascot what it is was truly inspiring…for a couple of complete race novices it was quite something!!


Once all our pre-production was completed it was time for the actual filming to start! Filming at one of Ascots race day’s was fantastic! Filming in 4K we wanted the video to start with very atmospheric scene setting shots, being able to capture beautiful images of the race track and shots of the grounds before the day’s guests arrived were ideal for the look of the video.

Seeing Josephine undergo her race prep in the locker room and then embarking on the walk down the corridor laden with history was perfect for the feel of the video. The buzz of the crowds as the races got underway was palpable. Capturing race goers enjoying their Ascot experience and being able to see their excitement was great.

Throughout the video we needed to communicate the message of healthy hydration. We didn’t want the message to be too imposing so where it felt natural for Josephine to consume water within her routine we made sure those shots were captured.

est shot1

In addition to filming at Ascot we also wanted to film a horse in a paddock setting. Philip Kirby Racing at Green Oaks Farm in Richmond was idyllic. Filming the horse run on the track and seeing it being washed down afterwards worked really well visually. We filmed as late as possible one evening to give the feeling of either sunset or sunrise which looked amazing!

Throughout the video we made sure we were representing Harrogate Spring Water, having Josephine drink their water as part of her routine, seeing their beautiful diamond glass bottle in the Ascot restaurant, and then finally the horse blanket and Lilly from Green Oaks Farm wearing one of their tops, it was just subtle enough! Having the Harrogate Spring Water blanket being put on the horse at Green Oaks Farm was the ideal finish to the video.

It was a pleasure to produce this piece for Harrogate Spring Water. Being able to shoot with Josephine and at the amazing locations, we feel we have hit the mark in every sense!

If you attended Royal Ascot you may have already seen the video…for those who haven’t watch below!

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