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Post-Production…A step by step guide

There are a few different steps to post-production including the picture edit, sound and grading.

It’s time to wow the audience! All your footage has been captured and it’s time to move into post-production. The finished product will already have been designed in pre-production stage so we already know what extra elements are required for the editing stage. This can include graphics, music, voice over etc.

Get it all in order…

When we start the picture edit we will arrange the footage into the correct running order and sync up any sound. The editor will be drawing on all the pre-production information that will have been completed including storyboards to assist them with the content and look of the completed video.

video editing

Are we heading in the right direction?

It is important for us to make sure what we are putting together is “working”, we will run the edit by the director and producer to get their input and make sure they are satisfied the original vision is being realised.

Finer details…

Once we have completed the rough cut we will then move onto the finer details, this includes inserting any images or additional footage which can be great for covering any jump cuts in interviews etc. We will also complete the sound edit, adjusting the levels of interviews etc. Music will have been selected and the editor will then lay this on the timeline and adjust the levels as required so it compliments any other sounds.

Let’s make it look pretty!

Undergoing a picture grade is crucial for the ‘look’ of the finished video. We can vastly enhance the look of a video in the grading stage. It is essentially altering the appearance of an image to enhance the colour and tone of the video image. You can read more about grading here…

Product videos

When we say to clients “we are ready to show you a first cut” we will generally have the video at a point where it is complete in our minds other than any tweaks they feel are needed! It’s also at this stage where (within reason) we can try something different such as swapping the running order etc! We don’t put a limit on the amount of tweaks that can be made however if we have completed the pre production stage efficiently then the client should receive a video that meets and hopefully exceeds their requirements.

And finally…

Once we have been given the official sign off the very last stage is to compress and export the video in a format suitable for the client.

Little extras…

We offer the option to have a ‘teaser edit’ produced which are ideal for use on social media, you can then entice your audience to watch the full video!

Let’s go!

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