Get ready for 2 weeks of greatness…it’s time for Wimbledon!!

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Get ready for 2 weeks of greatness…it’s time for Wimbledon!!

Get the Pimms ready…its time for Wimbledon!!


We have a few sports fans in the office and although our allegiances are sometimes split (we have a few American sports fans, see our Superbowl blog) Wimbledon is one of our favorite sporting events on the calendar!! Not only do we love the tournament we also love the run up to the event, hearing Stephen Fry regaling the tale of last years champions and watching the media attention surrounding the tournament. This year Wimbledon seem to have gone all out with their ‘In Pursuit of Greatness’ videos. I wanted to take a look at the different videos out there! ‘The Pursuit Begins. Wimbledon 2016’ is inspiring and really gets you set up for the tournament!

I love the video below which profiles one of ‘The Ball Boy’, it’s well shot, the music fits perfectly with the tone of the video and it’s just the right length…it made me want to watch more of them!!

Jaguar like most sponsors got in on the action, in the video below they wanted the viewer to feel what it’s like to be at the tournament. I like the concept of the video, using the popular 360° cam, although in this instance as much as the tone of the video works really well with Andy Murray’s voice over, once you actually start to analyse the video it feels and looks more like a dated video game. Although I do like the whole 360° element, being able to choose where I look (especially when the birds fly past camera near the start of the video) I personally don’t feel that this is as immersive a video as I would have hoped for.

On the other hand the Murray vs. Jaguar video is fantastic! Love the concept, execution…and the ending…watch it below!!

Our office is slightly divided over who we’d like to win with a few die hard Federer fans as well as Nadal, Muguruza and Murray, ultimately we know whomever takes the title it will be an exciting tournament to watch!! Oh and don’t forget the Pimms!!!

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