All the hard work has been done in pre-production and now the actual production commences!

(See step by step guide to pre-production blog)

What’s your video strategy?

You will have decided some key factors in the pre-production stage and will know what your ultimate goal is with your video/s. You will also have confirmed your video strategy, this will include elements such as who your target audience is, the type of video that is right for your organisations message and even how you are going to distribute the video so it will reach them (we’ll look at this in more detail in the post-production stage).

Trust us…nothing is left to chance!

We’ll have done all the prep work in pre-production, the more in depth and detailed that process is the smoother the actual filming will go!

The director will have compiled a shot list based on the script/ storyboards and a filming schedule will have been prepared by the producer. All the equipment and crew will have been selected based on the individual project requirements.

The producer will be in contact with you to let you know what progress is being made at various stages. Things such as locations will have been decided upon and the necessary permissions granted and secured by the production team. If the whole project is being filmed in your offices then that makes this process a little simpler…but it’s not always the case!


The day has arrived!

The reason you will have put together such a detailed brief to begin with is so we know exactly what is required. When it comes to the actual day of filming the person who is leading the project from your end may not be required, they may not actually be appearing in the video, all of which will have been confirmed in pre-production…having said that if you do want to be present during filming you are more than welcome!!


Deliver a  natural performance!

One of the most important elements for a director when recording talking heads/ interviews to camera is to make sure whomever appears on camera feels relaxed therefore giving a natural performance. Having a video that feels too scripted and wooden will put off your audience.

We will chat with the subject, see what works best for them in terms of delivery, making them aware that it doesn’t really matter how many takes they have to do…as long as they feel comfortable.

More often than not an interview will be used for the delivery to camera but also as a voice over. We will cut away to insert shots which relate to the interview, this can often make the person being interviewed less intimidated.

It doesn’t have to be daunting!

More often than not a script can be cut down into bitesized chunks, making the process a lot less daunting. If the interviewee happens to know what they want to say without requiring a script we can always have pointers to hand.

The script and  storyboard will have been closely followed, enough footage will have been captured knowing what the end product needs to be. Being adaptive on the day is important for the production crew, filming in working environments can throw up a number of challenges even if you are extremely prepared! A quality production team will be able to work around any issues ensuring the production stays on track!

Once all the filming has been completed it’s then time for the editing! (step by step guide to post-production blog)

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