What is ‘grading’?

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What is ‘grading’?

Grading…what’s it all about and why it’s so important!

What do we mean when we say ‘grading’?

Grading is essentially altering the look of an image to enhance the color and appearance of the video image.

What’s the benefit?

A colour grade can vastly enhance the finished look of a video, it allows the editor to control the image and assists in helping to tell the story.

When filming we will generally record a ‘flat’ image, by this we mean there is no real colour definition, no singular tone or specific colour stands out from another. The reason we do this is so in post-production we can then manipulate the different registered tones of an image to make the image have the ‘look’ we desire for the finished video.

bulk grade 2 Product videos

There are many reasons why we feel the way we do when watching a video or film; the content, the tone and the music used, they all add to the sensory experience. Being able to manipulate the grade can change the mood of a video significantly. You don’t necessarily have to do anything drastic to the image; just a small change can make a massive difference to the way an audience perceives the finished film.

We use a piece of software called Magic Bullet, which allows us a greater level of control and sophistication than the colour grading option in our editing software.

bulk grade 6 bulk grade 5

Whilst doing a series of product videos for sports nutrition brand Bulk Powders, their aim was to have videos that encapsulated the feeling the user gets from using their product. One way we achieved this was by giving the image a certain look to match the intensity of the footage!

You can see examples of our grading in our showreel!

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