Video editing…consider what you are subjecting your audience to!!

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Video editing…consider what you are subjecting your audience to!!

Forget your fancy filming techniques, it’s all about the editing! 

It’s fair to say that when it comes to the success of an online video, editing has become the deciding factor. If your video is poorly constructed then you may lose your viewer in the first few seconds…harsh we know, but true!

The first few seconds of any video are crucial for capturing your audiences attention and hooking them in. Obviously this has a lot to do with engaging an audience with interesting content but more often than not this engagement is based on how well the content is delivered. How something is edited has a huge impact on the success of how any video is received and lets face it, your audience can be pretty brutal no matter how loyal they have been in the past! Pretty and cinematic footage can quickly become dull if it doesn’t have the all important wow factor.

With online video content growing year on year it is becoming increasingly harder to shine above others.

video editing

How do you stand out from the crowd when you and your competitors are offering the same products or services?

Many organisations would believe that it is better to have any video online than no video at all and this simply isn’t the case. Most companies quite rightly want to be recognised for their professionalism and quality, a poorly produced video doesn’t do much to back this up!

This isn’t a criticism of specific technologies being used to create online video but rather what is done with it after. A well edited video will have a strong effect on how well a company or individual comes across even if that person or company had nothing to do with the creation of the video.

There are numerous elements which can be used within a video to engage and entertain an audience be it live action, animation, interviews, graphics, voice over etc.

It then becomes about how all these elements are pulled together to form a complete package. Videos need to leave your audience feeling inspired/ entertained/ and wanting to know more. Utilising the element above makes for a more fuller and informative experience. The flip side would make for a tougher watch! Often videos shot on a phone are uploaded without any additional clips, graphics, and with all the pauses and mistakes kept in (even though they maybe hilarious to you, your viewer may think differently!)

Without sounding too dramatic, for the sake of your audience consider what you are subjecting them to!

It really then comes down to whether something is created in a professional well thought out way. We can appreciate the appeal, and it might be completely appropriate for some organisations to shoot a short clip on their phone and upload it to their social media channels etc and and a lot of companies do this well. However for those of you who aren’t as confident about the material you are presenting to the world and want to present the best version of your company to your audience it is better to consider what the best options are when it comes to editing…and the production (of course!)




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