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Who won this year’s best Christmas advert ?

‘Holidays Are Coming’…With all the hype and the ever growing anticipation around Christmas adverts we’re taking a look at this years big hitters.

Big budget Christmas advert campaigns seem to be the norm and very much expected nowadays with this year’s spending reaching a record high of £6 billion…son of a nutcracker!!

The obvious place to start is with John Lewis. It seems to be THE ad that people wait for…Are they going to outdo last years ad…Are we going to fall in love with another cute animal? I will be starting a #BringBackMonty campaign soon!!

Loyal shoppers gushed over Moz the monster. Directed by Michel Gondry the ad follows the friendship of a small boy and Moz…the monster under his bed. The ad reportedly cost £7million and has had around 9 million views on Youtube to date…WOW! However, the advert gained some unwanted publicity when it was accused of plagiarism from the author of Mr Underbed.

The success of the ad is not only measured in terms of revenue generated but the impact the advert  has generated in the way of brand loyalty…which John Lewis seem to have mastered as showcased in the hype around their eagerly anticipated adverts!

For M&S it was Paddington’s turn to save Christmas. The ad saw Paddington unwittingly foil a burglar (with a sack full of stolen presents). Mistaking him for Santa Paddington takes ‘Santa’ on a journey to deliver the presents. The ad delivered all it was supposed to, finishing with the heartwarming scene with Paddington wishing the burglar a ‘Merry Christmas’, reaching into his hat to pull out his delicious trademark marmalade sandwich handing it to the teary eyed burglar.

I personally love this ad and even went as far to buy one of the golden Paddington Christmas tree decorations! None of the retailers miss a trick when it comes to the accompanying merchandise!!

Debenhams take on the classic Cinderella had all the hallmarks of a great advert but it didn’t quite win the main prize.

“I think I just pea’d myself”! Kevin The Carrot is back!! Aldi’s Christmas advert definitely got the thumbs up from us! Last year his quest was to meet Santa…this year love is in the air as Kevin seeks romance across the table! We love this year’s story.

Obviously all ads are selling to us…some though truly do capture the essence and spirit of Christmas and that is exactly what the next ad delivered.

The animation follows a busy single dad and daughter in the run up to the school Christmas talent contest. We see the trappings of daily life taking their toll on the dad as his daughter rehearses her dance routine. Feeling ignored and thinking her dad hasn’t made it to the performance she freezes, however, her dad is in the audience and helps his daughter reminding her of her practiced dance moves…ultimately he comes through as ‘the supporting act’

This advert truly is heartwarming and is the winner for best Christmas advert 2017 in our eyes!!

(sources: bbc, the sun, the guardian- feature image BBC one ‘supporting act’ youtube)

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